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Valentine’s Day Dinner in Seattle: 2017 Edition

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Heartwood Provisions: all the oysters


Under $50


An all-day classic rom-com screening complete with spicy southpaw pizza for $22 each

Big Mario’s

The New York–style pizzeria will deliver a heart-shaped pizza-gram and a red rose to that special someone upon request

$50 to $75

Young American Ale House

$50 for three courses of Maria Hines’s American classics with a twist—a rabbit turnover or slow-roasted beef check, for instance—with optional wine and beer pairings


John Sundstrom’s casual bar offers an alternative dining experience for the holiday: a communal meal for $55 and naturally, bitters-based cocktails available to order

Bramling Cross

A $55 meal with a choice of dynamite chicken or gulf prawns

A three-course meal for $60, with an optional wine pairing. And on the sharable menu: côte de boeuf with pommes soufflé and potato gratin for $110

Ray’s Boathouse

Against an Olympic mountain backdrop, Ray’s serves three courses for $60, along with its regular menu

Cafe Presse

A three-course, preorder meal for two (and a chance to avoid the crowds) for $63, with optional additions: a bottle of wine and a bag of housemade butter caramels


Cascina Spinasse’s sister aperitivo bar offers four courses for $65, and an optional wine pairing

Fresh Bistro
$65, four-courses, and a glass of Jané Ventura sparkling cava for pairing


A $65 three-course, take-home meal and seasonal specials offered in-house


A four-course meal for $65, concluding with a slice of champagne cheesecake


$70 for three courses, including enticing sharables of squid ink risotto and seared hamachi

A sharable three-course menu of Southern Italian fare (with a four-course vegetarian option) for $75

Cafe Flora

Four courses of enticing vegetarian specials (like chickpea socca fritters) for $75

$75 per person for a Middle Eastern feast served family style, and an optional wine pairing

The $75 three-course meal commences with shared plates of foie gras torchon and sunchoke soup

$80 to $100


An $85 four-course meal elevated by French delicacies of caviar and foie gras


Four courses of organic Northwest ingredients—in a smoked heirloom bean cassoulet, for instance—for $85, with an optional wine pairing

Lots of Ethan Stowell Restaurants 
$85 dinners at Marine Hardware, Anchovies and Olives, How to Cook a Wolf, Mkt., Red Cow, Rione XIII, Staple and Fancy, and both Travolàta locations


Your choice of five courses of globally tweaked specials, plus soaring views for $90

Copperleaf Restaurant
$95 for a romantic, Northwest-inspired six-course meal, with optional wine pairings

Heartwood Provisions

To celebrate Valentine’s Day (and its one-year anniversary), Heartwood Provisions offers five courses of kusshi oysters and filet mignon for $95

Miller’s Guild

A $95 five-course meal of wood-grilled specialties and a glass of sparkling wine

Volunteer Park Café

An intimate dinner of luxe treats for $95, with an optional wine pairing

$100 and Up

Cascina Spinasse

Six courses of hearty Italian fare—braised rabbit tortellini, for instance—for $100

Four courses for $100 including “50 shades of Beef” (butter-braised short rib), and an optional wine pairing


Bainbridge Island’s locavorian eatery offers a $100 eight-course array of meat and seafood: island-raised pork, spiced squab, and Mediterranean mussels


A $105 tasting menu, with optional bubbles for pairing and elevations of foie gras and shaved black truffle

Eden Hill

$115 for five courses of enticingly novel Valentine’s Day fare; enjoy a date of wild boar rack in fermented pomme fondant, or nibble on the mignardises-candied flower bouquet


Four-courses (your choice) for $115, topped off with Oaxacan chocolate churros

Le Petit Cochon
A five-course meal of creative aphrodisiacs starting with an oyster amuse bouche for $120, and an optional libations pairing

The Herbfarm

The 9-course feast comprises Northwest-inspired fare and paired wines for $225–$285 per person

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