Valentine’s Day Dinner in Seattle: 2017 Edition

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Heartwood Provisions: all the oysters


Under $50


An all-day classic rom-com screening complete with spicy southpaw pizza for $22 each

Big Mario’s

The New York–style pizzeria will deliver a heart-shaped pizza-gram and a red rose to that special someone upon request

$50 to $75

Young American Ale House

$50 for three courses of Maria Hines’s American classics with a twist—a rabbit turnover or slow-roasted beef check, for instance—with optional wine and beer pairings


John Sundstrom’s casual bar offers an alternative dining experience for the holiday: a communal meal for $55 and naturally, bitters-based cocktails available to order

Bramling Cross

A $55 meal with a choice of dynamite chicken or gulf prawns

A three-course meal for $60, with an optional wine pairing. And on the sharable menu: côte de boeuf with pommes soufflé and potato gratin for $110

Ray’s Boathouse

Against an Olympic mountain backdrop, Ray’s serves three courses for $60, along with its regular menu

Cafe Presse

A three-course, preorder meal for two (and a chance to avoid the crowds) for $63, with optional additions: a bottle of wine and a bag of housemade butter caramels


Cascina Spinasse’s sister aperitivo bar offers four courses for $65, and an optional wine pairing

Fresh Bistro
$65, four-courses, and a glass of Jané Ventura sparkling cava for pairing


A $65 three-course, take-home meal and seasonal specials offered in-house


A four-course meal for $65, concluding with a slice of champagne cheesecake


$70 for three courses, including enticing sharables of squid ink risotto and seared hamachi

A sharable three-course menu of Southern Italian fare (with a four-course vegetarian option) for $75

Cafe Flora

Four courses of enticing vegetarian specials (like chickpea socca fritters) for $75

$75 per person for a Middle Eastern feast served family style, and an optional wine pairing

The $75 three-course meal commences with shared plates of foie gras torchon and sunchoke soup

$80 to $100


An $85 four-course meal elevated by French delicacies of caviar and foie gras


Four courses of organic Northwest ingredients—in a smoked heirloom bean cassoulet, for instance—for $85, with an optional wine pairing

Lots of Ethan Stowell Restaurants 
$85 dinners at Marine Hardware, Anchovies and Olives, How to Cook a Wolf, Mkt., Red Cow, Rione XIII, Staple and Fancy, and both Travolàta locations


Your choice of five courses of globally tweaked specials, plus soaring views for $90

Copperleaf Restaurant
$95 for a romantic, Northwest-inspired six-course meal, with optional wine pairings

Heartwood Provisions

To celebrate Valentine’s Day (and its one-year anniversary), Heartwood Provisions offers five courses of kusshi oysters and filet mignon for $95

Miller’s Guild

A $95 five-course meal of wood-grilled specialties and a glass of sparkling wine

Volunteer Park Café

An intimate dinner of luxe treats for $95, with an optional wine pairing

$100 and Up

Cascina Spinasse

Six courses of hearty Italian fare—braised rabbit tortellini, for instance—for $100

Four courses for $100 including “50 shades of Beef” (butter-braised short rib), and an optional wine pairing


Bainbridge Island’s locavorian eatery offers a $100 eight-course array of meat and seafood: island-raised pork, spiced squab, and Mediterranean mussels


A $105 tasting menu, with optional bubbles for pairing and elevations of foie gras and shaved black truffle

Eden Hill

$115 for five courses of enticingly novel Valentine’s Day fare; enjoy a date of wild boar rack in fermented pomme fondant, or nibble on the mignardises-candied flower bouquet


Four-courses (your choice) for $115, topped off with Oaxacan chocolate churros

Le Petit Cochon
A five-course meal of creative aphrodisiacs starting with an oyster amuse bouche for $120, and an optional libations pairing

The Herbfarm

The 9-course feast comprises Northwest-inspired fare and paired wines for $225–$285 per person

Kidder, Jane “Valentine’s Day Dinner in Seattle : 2017 Edition – De Oliveira Group” Seattle Met, Seattle Met Magazine 30 Jan. 2017

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Should you Stage your home when Selling?

I recently shared an article taken from the Colombian stating that staging a home can often raise the sales price of a listing. After reading the article, I wanted to do a little more research in order to figure out the true pros and cons of home staging. Being a realtor I have heard the argument both ways, some stating that home staging that is done correctly can be very effective versus some saying comparables have a much higher influence on the price of a home. After hearing both sides and taking on some research of my own, I’ve come to the following conclusion. I believe home staging can be an effective tool when selling a home, but believe there is a long list of variables to consider before making a decision either way. In this piece I will try to touch on a few of those variables and give my opinion to the value of staging.

The first and most important variable to consider when deciding to stage a home is the state of the market that the particular residence resides in. For example, both Normandy Park are West Seattle housing markets are extremely hot with properties moving in a matter of days. For homes priced in an average range in markets like West Seattle or Normandy Park I believe that staging will have a minimal effect. Most homes that are priced properly in line with comparables are going to get multiple offers whether they are staged or not. However if you were selling your home in an area with a high amount of inventory then staging might give the owner the added advantage to selling their home quicker.

The next factor to consider would be the actual selling price of the residence. If the owner is listing their property for 1 million or higher then the home should be staged. The biggest reason is because once a seller enters a marketplace where the price of goods is going to be very high, it is important to note that the amount of people that could purchase said good will drop dramatically. In that sort of competitive environment it is important to gain every possible advantage. Staging might give the seller that additional edge needed to convince a buyer that this is the home for them.

The last factor I wanted to touch on, although it may be a bit obvious, is the actual state of property being listed for sale. If the residence being listed is going to be an investment property that is going to be remodeled, staging probably wouldn’t be the best use of the seller’s funds. The main reason behind this is most of the potential buyers are going to be investors who already have an idea what they are going to use the property for so staging is unlikely to sway them either way.

This is my opinion on some of the factors to consider when deciding to stage a home. I am sure that some realtors will see it this way, while others may disagree. However I hope this piece is helpful for you sellers out there looking to list your home and considering staging as an option!

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Seattle Sports Weekend Guide 5/29

Looks to be a good sports weekend in Seattle upcoming. Whether you are a soccer or baseball fan the city has you covered. The ‪#‎FACup‬ final is happening this weekend between Arsenal and Aston Villa FC – Official. If you are looking for a good way to to get Saturday started and catch a glimpse of some top quality soccer in the process, tune in at 9:30 am on Saturday to watch the match unfold live at England's Wembley Stadium . For those of you that are a little more adventurous we would recommend making the journey to what is arguably Seattle's best soccer bar, the George and Dragon in Freemont, to witness the game aside passionate fans. A preview to the match can be seen by following this link.

After the game why not explore downtown to take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having this week and grab a bite to eat. We would recommend somewhere with a patio, Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails would provide a welcome rest. Located on the fifth floor of Seattle's Motif Hotel, Frolik provides stunning views of the Sound, expressive cocktails, and Shuffle Board / Ping Pong for those looking to stay amused.

After Frolik you can slowly make your way through the Central Business District and Pioneer to Safeco field to watch the Seattle Mariners take on the Cleveland Indians with the game scheduled to start at 7:10 pm. On your way to the game be sure to check out the numerous art galleries and shops that are sprinkled throughout the city.

Make sure to rest up after a Mariner's victory because Sunday will give you the opportunity to watch the first place Seattle Sounders FC take on the New York Red Bulls. With the match scheduled to start at 2 pm it might be worth it to stop somewhere for breakfast. Salty's on Alki beach would be great spot for numerous reasons, firstly being the brunch is renowned as one of the best in the city. The second reason is that after the meal, you can just hop on the water taxi right down the street which will take you across Elliot Bay and footsteps from CenturyLink Field. From there the choice is yours, although a lot of people tend to head to pioneer square to march down with Emerald City Supporters which can be a fun and exciting experience. For those that prefer a different option, the area around the Clink has numerous options for everyone's taste. After cheering on the Sounders to victory, simply hop back on the water taxi and head home!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!
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